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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Brand-new wordpress blog

Heya! This is just a casual note to mention that I now have a brand-new wordpress blog, at And that doesn't mean that I'm going to trash this blog. :) See you on my WP blahg! :P

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stupidity: Our birth right

I get irritated at the very sight of such pics and status updates proclaiming that India's national anthem is selected/declared best by UNESCO. Why does anyone in right mind fail to notice the obvious, that it is not possible?
If the anthem of some other country  was declared best, Would you not percieve it as a direct insult of your country's anthem? Would the world allow such a thing?
Spammers and scammers rely on stupidity to function. And stupidity seems to be an Indian's birth right!! I'm just being frank here.
  • Spreading such hoax mails n messages
  • worshipping obviously fake babas
  • voting the same useless idiots each turn
  • staying still when the only educated member of loksabha gets slapped for speaking in the right mind
  • burning buses, derailing tracks, building walls across roads and god knows what!!
Want more? well, I'll get exhausted  trying to list them all..

Past two years i've been commenting on every such post regarding our anthem being selected blablabla that its a fake, with references to prove the same. I'm exhausted. I knew stupidity is common, but never realized that commonsense is rare!!

This post was triggered precisely by the same such pics, spreading wild. i still take time to report all of them as spam and comment on all such pics n updates i find. Its four years since the hoax mail started. if you pride in being an indian, prevent others from laughing so hard at us when they look at such pics/updates. join me in my effort to stop spreading the hoax message.

UNESCO has not declared any country's national anthem as the best, and if in right mind, never will. Here's an article explaining it with details and patience, which i obviously lack.. :P

Monday, January 23, 2012

German Hackers Are Building a DIY Space Program to Put Their Own Uncensored Internet into Space

Here's some old article.. Worth a read if u are an internet user. Google SOPA and PIPA before reading this, if you wish to know why this is being shared now.

There’s more than one way to stick it to The Man. There’s civil disobedience, subversive propaganda, political art, outright violent revolt--each possessing its own degree of difficulty and consequence. In a decidedly 21st-century twist, team of German hackers bent on fighting the powers that be has chosen a rather ambitious means of taking the power back: building a hacker-owned and -operated space program, complete with a constellation of communications satellites beaming uncensored Internet to users on the ground.